Pet Loss & Bereavement


Loss or bereavement is a traumatic experience for anyone and sometimes those losses are not just associated with people. Some of the strongest bonds we develop can be with those who show us unconditional love and come in many different shapes and sizes. Our pets can often offer us greatest compassion and gentle reassurances at times of need.

For many, pets are part of the family, they are sometimes the glue, the go to family member, they listen without judging and never talk-back. They offer the unconditional support and love when sometimes it is unavailable from others. When that bond is broken or lost due to bereavement the same feelings and emotions exist as if a person has passed.

As a qualified counsellor and certified in the area of pet loss, I believe that people should work with their grief as they normally would and if you feel that you need to talk about the loss of a pet, please contact me to arrange a session.